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Leander Roulette casino

Roulette for online casinos should be in the portfolio of every software developer. Even if the company specializes in gambling entertainment of other genres, it will not hurt to release at least one model of this category, because it is impossible to imagine a solid gambling establishment without roulette.

This review is dedicated to the game Leander Roulette. According to the immodest name, it is easy to guess that it released studio Leander Games. This convenient and spectacular roulette with classical rules, thought-out interface, additional features and a lot of other advantages.

Play Leander Roulette online

Leander Roulette is a European roulette with a track for betting on sectors and neighbors. Bets can be made tokens nominal value of twenty cents to twenty-five euros. Net number taken no more than twenty-five euros. At equal odds allowed to bet up to a hundred euros.

Types of allowable bets list makes no sense. They are known to all. Let us only note that on a special track you can bet on the sectors:

  • Voisins,
  • Orphelins and
  • Tiers.
Leander Roulette

Neighbors bets are also accepted. They cover from one to eight numbers on either side of the selected number. The gameplay is done in the usual way. You bet and press the button that starts the ball. The winning number is determined by a random number generator. Payouts are calculated and accrued automatically.

How do I play Leander Roulette? (Interface)

The screen can be divided into two main parts:

  • Animated image of the roulette wheel,
  • The field for betting.

At the bottom there is a control panel, which presents chips of different denominations, betting buttons and run the ball, as well as information boxes. Buttons allow you to repeat bets, double the amount at stake and clear the field of chips. These features can significantly speed up the gameplay.

Actual data appears in these windows:

  • Balance – balance status
  • Total Bet – stake amount.
  • Play ID – identification number of the drawing to check the fairness

The question mark on the left opens the section with the rules and technical characteristics. The settings allow to turn off the sound. Between the layout and the reel is another panel with such elements:

  • Statistics,
  • Track for betting on sectors and neighbors,
  • Last winning numbers.

Download roulette casino is not necessary. It can be run in your browser.

Mobile version

Leander Roulette is fully adapted for mobile casinos. It opens without problems on most smartphones running on major systems. In this version, the buttons are designed for comfortable use on touch screens.

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